Ecological manikin for learning resuscitation


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Affordable, smart, simple and faithfully recreating the mechanics of a human body CPR training manikin

EcoCPR in action

EcoCPR advantages


The EcoCPR manikin is fully biodegradable or the materials are easily recyclable


Manikin EcoCPR withstood over 31,000 compressions by 400 people and still looks like new one.
Mechanical test shows EcoCPR can withstand more than 100,000 compressions


The mobile app allows you to measure the rate of compressions. It will notify you if you are pressing too slowly or too quickly or too lightly.


The EcoCPR manikin fully reflects the mechanical behavior of an adult human chest

EcoCPR short story

From Pandemic Solution to Sustainable and Accessible Innovation

In 2020 and 2021, the Covid19 pandemic turned our world upside down. Most first-aid training programs had been suspended. The fear of touching the CPR manikins led people away from in-CPR classes, and toward CPR instructional videos.  Four of us decided that we must think outside of the box. Our goal was to create a manikin that was eco-friendly, easily produced, and widely accessible for training purposes. The idea of learning CPR through an online platform inspired us to create a mobile application to help teach people CPR remotely or in self-monitoring manner. Our goal was to develop an application that allows you to easily monitor the progress of CPR learning in real-time.


With the combined work of people from three universities in Lodz, Poland: The Medical University of Lodz, the Lodz University of Technology, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, we created EcoCPR, a sustainable, disposable, and cost-effective manikin that could supplement a mobile device programmed with our EcoCPR application and withstand thousands of repeated compressions.  In fact, our EcoCPR manikin was able to easily tolerate over 25,000 compressions performed by approximately 500 medical students.


Work is still in progress, and we are continuously researching ways to make EcoCPR the new and improved way to teach CPR.

EcoCPR team

Marcin Cierniak


Filip Jaśkiewicz


Przemek Sękalski

Software Engineer

Rafał Dobruchowski

Industry designer

EcoCPR awards

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