Short instructions of EcoCPR manikin


Professional, eco-friendly adult manikin for training basic CPR procedures

Brief instructions for use

First use:

·         remove the manikin from the transport box;

·         place the manikin on a hard, flat, dry surface;

·         install the disposable lung bag;

·         before starting training, check that the moving parts of the manikin’s head are in the in the correct position indicated in the figure.

Installation of disposable lung bag:

To install the disposable lung bag, install:

·         supporting, turn the manikin on its side;

·         in a gentle motion, pull the coiled oral portion of the lung bag through the channel running through the neck and head of the manikin;

·         with a gentle movement, pull the collapsed lung portion of the lung sac through the channel leading to the septum on the manikin’s back;

·         unfold each part of the lung sac so as to avoid any kinks;

·         arrange the manikin to the starting position;

·         attach the oral portion of the bag to the face of the dummy by wrapping the oral portion over the inside of the face (the oral part should be glued using the adhesive tapes provided).

Replacing the disposable lung bag:

The disposable lung bag should only be used by one trainee and replaced after that exerciser’s training session

To replace the disposable lung bag, you should:

·         detach the mouth portion of the bag from the dummy’s face;

·         while holding the manikin, turn the manikin to the side and with a gentle pull, slide out the part of the bag

·         located in the septum on the back of the dummy;

·         with a gentle pull, slide out the lung sac from the canal running through the neck and head of the manikin;

·         install a new disposable lung bag;

·         arrange the manikin to the starting position;

·         check that the movable parts of the dummy’s head are in the correct position indicated in the figure.

“ECO CPR gives a second life”. – reuse of springs.

Removal of compression springs at the end of the product’s life cycle:

The ECO CPR manikin is used to train cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of sudden cardiac arrest and thus teaches how to save lives. The “ECO CPR gives a second life” program also supports the welfare of the planet and the environment. At the end of the product’s life cycle you can recover its “heart”, which contains the compression springs, and send it back to the address of the manufacturer.

Removing the compression springs:

·         observing safety precautions, cut the side surface of the dummy along the perforations;

·         open the torso of the dummy by tilting the upper surface of the chest to the side opposite the cut line to make the compression springs visible;

·         observing safety precautions, remove each of the springs from inside the mannequin one by one.

Important product information:

·         the mannequin must be kept clean;

·         the manikin should not be stored or used in a humid environment;

·         the disposable lung bag should be replaced after each exerciser (if rescue breaths are conducted);

·         no part of the manikin should be cleaned or disinfected with liquids or wet wipes;

·         minor soiling should be removed with a dry cloth;

·         the use of additional face shields on the manikin (only flat filter training versions, compatible with the ECO CPR manikin), can provide an additional protective barrier during rescue inhalation training;

·         CPR training should be performed only after placing the manikin on a hard, flat and dry surface, in the supine position indicated in the figure;

·         chest compressions should be performed in accordance with CPR guidelines, directing the compression force only at 90 degrees to the ground;

·         due to physical properties, cardboard may delaminate during use;

·         delamination of the cardboard does not affect its functionality and does not exclude the phantom from further use as intended,

·         as a result of tests, the functionality of the phantom is preserved even after performing 100,000 chest compressions.



When practicing, avoid using agents that can discolor or damage the manikin:

·         pigments from lipsticks and cosmetics;

·         pigments from pens and markers;

·         wet or soaked fabrics;

·         wet or damp hands;

·         electrodes for training defibrillators other than those recommended by the manikin manufacturer.


Dispose of in accordance with your country’s recommendations.

This product is intended for use by or under the supervision of adults.